Digital Marketing Services

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Creating a content strategy is the deliberate planning and strategy for creating content that aligns with your brand, has a specific purpose, and leads to conversions.

Working with a digital marketing specialist will get you to think about your content differently to create digital content that is easy to manage and re-purpose. This will save you time in the long run and keep consistency across your customer experience no matter what platform your customers use to connect with your brand.

I draw techniques from different fields - such as communications, visual design and user experience research - to work with you and create a content strategy that helps you reach your business goals.

My work is collaborative and focused on education, so by working together, you will learn more about what goes into an effective content strategy. You will also walk away with new techniques and tricks you can use to connect with your audience for the long-term.

Working Together

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Free consultation to talk about your brand, business goals and current content strategy.

Set up a custom work plan and contract. Your contract will include all of the terms and conditions, deliverables and estimated timelines.

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Work collaboratively to create a content strategy that works with your voice and business goals.

Discovery Calls

I’m always open to hearing the awesome work of entrepreneurs in the community and would love to set up a coffee chat to talk about the projects you’re doing and new content you’re creating!

All my coffee chats are free, with no pressure to set up a contract at the end. I like to start with a casual chat to collaborate and brainstorm together. My goal is to help you understand if a content design project might benefit you and your business. If what I offer sounds like it would be helpful to you, I’ll give you all the details about initiating my digital marketing services.

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Digital Marketing Services

I offer a few different streams of services to help you strengthen your brand and communicate to your clients with the right messages at the right time.

Content strategies

Creating a strategy for your brand and your communications with your clients. This will include identifying areas for improvement and consistent communications with your clients at all stages of their journey with your brand.

Website design and copywriting

Designing and setting up a beautiful and effective website, as well as improving existing web pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Setting up profiles and content that optimizes SEO. This helps new clients discover your brand on Google and other search engines.

Digital marketing campaigns

Creating content calendars, setting up social media profiles, email workflows and more. When looking at your digital marketing, we will optimize channels for new followers, early adopters, loyal clients and others.

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Free Resource

Not sure if working with a digital marketing specialist is right for you? Download my free resource, Quick Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SE0) to get started!

I offer this guide, along with other resources and updates to my email subscribers. Sign up for the list to join my community of small business owners, and learn more about how we can improve your online brand.

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I offer a series of virtual workshops about creating content strategies and designing better content. Workshops are perfect if you are looking to improve your social media or website, without committing to a full contract with me.

I offer the following workshops:

  • Content Planning: Set It and Forget It
  • Creating Beautiful, Effective and Inclusive Content
  • Content Strategy Masterclass
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